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LFWC 2017 Pics

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LFWC 2021

Tzofiya Rogers
Monique Welsh
Berelyn Gillespie
Officer Winter Jackson Sharing

The recording for the entire conference was done on Zoom and unfortunately, for this production, the audio is not the best and hard to hear in spots.  There is a slight delay in the music as well. If anyone has a better quality video of this production, please let us know or post it on the forum page.
A Mini Musical

"A Virus Called Division"

Opening Dance
I Am Hephzibah Dance
Robin Shaw

LFWC 2020 Online
Zamariah Jackson

Berelyn Gillespie - coming soon
Keriah Oliveira Worship - coming soon
2020 Online Drama Presentation
"Break Every Chain" 

2019 speakers
Zamariah Jackson
Tzofiya Rogers
Patty Juster - 
coming soon

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LFWC 2019 Drama The Body

LFWC 2019 Drama The Body

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