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Ralph E. Finley


Roeh Ralph Finley is the senior leader at Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Washington, DC.  Although LFWC is a women's conference,  Ralph attends as the  conferencer overseer every year.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  We believe heavily in having a spiritual covering.

Zamariah Jackson

Conference Chair

Zamariah Jackson has served as Chair of LFWC since its inception in 2015.  She also serves as the worship coordinator for the conference.

Dr. Jean Toth

Biblical Counseling Director

Living Free is the only conference that offers a

mini biblical counseling clinic.  It is under the leadership of Dr Jean Toth who is the Associate Director of BCI and the Director of Women's Counseling

LFWC Planning Comittee

Diane Rankin - Intercessory Prayer Coordinator / Leadership team

Nicole Meyer - Prophetic Moderator / Leadership team

Maxine Salah - Registration Coordinator 

Stephanie Guzman - Activities / Ministry Team

Summer Jackson - Activities / Ministry Team

Kim Weiss - Admin Assistant -

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